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Trivia: Ships & Boats
What's the difference? Well according to, there are seven differences: 
  • 1 "A ship can carry a boat, but a boat cannot carry a ship."Most ships are categorized as weighing at least 500 tons or more.
  • 2 Operational areas...most ships operate on the high seas/ocean areas. Boats operate near coastal areas and in restricted waterways.
  • 3 Navigation and Technology...ships are more complex in navigation and maintenance.  Ships also operate over a longer time at sea.
  • 4 Crew...huge ships have designated crews with specific jobs such as navigators and engineers.  However, size and purpose determines number of crew. 
  • 5 Cargo Capacity...ships and boats are designed for specific purposes, either carry passengers or cargo. Capacity will determine the craft's use.
  • 6 Construction and Design...ships are, by far, more complicated in construction in regard to safety and stability.
  • 7 Propulsion is the last criteria. Though ships and boats can be propelled by sails, ships usually have more powerful engines to do the job the ship was designed for.  
Interesting points:  Ironically the use of ship/boat depends on where you live in the world. Submersible vessels (submarines) are categorized as boats. The reason is that they historically could be hoisted and carried on ships. The following are some classic passenger ships and boats. 
American Queen 1995 largest steam boat built in the United States, refurbished in 2013 based in Memphis and found on Mississippi River. A steam powered boat that can use it paddle wheel as well as Z-drive that can propel the boat 360 degrees.
American Empress built in 2002, this ship was ocean worthy and visited Alaskan waters. In 2013 it was became a Columbia River passage ship based out of Vancouver, Washington.
Sovereign of the Seas – maiden voyage January 1988 refurbished and renamed today MS Sovereign (photo June 1988.)
Cyrano de Bergerac is river cruise boat based in Bordeaux, France that made it maiden voyage in 2013. It can be seen on Garonne and Dordogne rivers in the heart of the great wine vineyards and chateaus.
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