Desert Don

Desert Conservationist
This is a information about my friend, Don Fedock. It presentation represents interactions with Don from the mid 1980 through 2015.
  Don Fedock better know as "Desert Don" is a resident of Ajo, Arizona. Don holds degrees from Arizona State University and the University of California at Berkeley, including a master's degree in electrical engineering. Over 50 years ago,
Don decided that he wanted to live a non-traditional life style and moved to the desert of America's southwest.
  Don lives in Ajo in the Sonoran Desert. Don exemplifies a genuine respect for the land and this delicate environment.  He lives in harmony with the terra, vegetation, and the critters.
  Like many others, Don has seen the Southwest and other desert-like areas of American succumb to population growth and urban development. This story is about a man who wants to keep individual and urban development from endangering or destroying indigenous plants when land is cleared and to work within the
topography of the land surrounding development.
    He wanted to see plants moved and utilized again. The State of Arizona appreciated Mr. Fedock's dedication, study, and application. In 1999, former Governor Jane Dee Hull presented Donald Fedock
an environmental achievement award. The award stems from Don's study and application of being able to move indigenous plants with a high degree of success. He chose to share his methods at no cost to other landscapers. Fedock's methods are being used throughout the Southwest today.
    According to a Cal Tech study, "the Western U.S. has been one of the most rapidly growing regions of the country over the last 150 years. Agricultural output from this region comprised more than 18 percent
of the total agricultural output of the United States . Cal Tech's study notes several factors that are important to understanding desertification.
They are:NATURAL & HUMAN INTERACTIONS, SOCIOECONOMIC IMPACTS,SOCIETY'S REACTIONS, WIND & SOIL EROSION & PASTORAL PRACTICES. Article by J.C. Martin, "Electrical engineer goes out on a limb to launch new career"
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