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Central Pennsylvania Torch Club Update
2018 January 10 - Gordon DeJong, Professor Emeritus, PSU Sociology/Demography spoke about trends in American families: marriage, cohabitation, child bearing, divorce, and family structures.Over the past 60 years he noted a decrease in birth rate, particular in whites--due to economics.  More education for women has delayed birth rate.  Noted more stable cohabitation unions and that government programs required more attention to help children in certain family situations.He noted that there has been an increase in what he called "gray" divorces involving seniors.In a Q&A session he agreed that "toxic" marriages are worse for children.
2017 December 13 - Treasurer Lee Stout'a (presentation was entitled, "What do we learn from Centre County history."
Member John R. Vincenti had an article published in the  TORCH Magazine, Fall 2017, Entitled, "William Henry Seward: Futurist and Change Agent."
2017 November 8th - James Ultman Professor Emeritus, PSU Chemical Engineering spoke about cybernetics and research on developing artificial body parts to aid in locomotion, sensing and nutrient & waste processing. He addressed historical attempts back to the Egyptians as well as research today. He noted that DARPA is a prime fund source today.  
2017 October 11th - James E. Serene, retired Orthopedic Surgeon spoke about "Common Problems of the Foot and Ankle." He covered topics from sprains, tears, broken bones and other ailments. Many questions were asked my members who had or who are suffering some of the topics he mentioned.
2017 Sept.13th - Edward Klevans, retired/former head of Penn State Nuclear Engineering department, presented a talk on the current status of controlled fusion. He noted that due to technical and funding issues, experimental tests worldwide toward making electricity may be decades away from reality.

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